Diya Foundation
Regd: Under Trust Act
Reg No: 727 Dated 27-09-2004

Welfare school of the Special Children
Aims & Objectives :

1- To Create Social Awareness, acceptance and to cope with social situations and develop personal relationship both inside and outside the center.
2- To provide a happy and secure living situation for Mentally Retarded children.
3- To affect changes in the attitude of the nation towards handicap persons.
4- To enlighten the nation about the place of Mentally Retarded persons in the community as they cannot recognize their existence

Programs offered

1. Sense Training
2. Behavior Modification
3. Integration
4. Speech
"Diya Foundation" has been in operation as School of Special children (Mentally Retarded Children) at poor vacinity of Surjani Town Karachi for last six has been provided commandable services to the Mentally Retarded Children of the city, so that they may able to stand on their feet & live an independent life.

General Information
We shall be highly grateful for your kind support towards our efforts to provide Free Health & Education Services for special children (Mentally Retarded) at poor vicinity.

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